Trade related queries

If you have any trade related queries your first port of call can be with our Trade Search Facility.

Trade search facility – Here you can access all of our trades and appetites for the majority of our products including Liability, Commercial & Industrial Property Owners, Contract Cleaners and many more. It is accessible from our website under the Insurance tab and by using the Trade Search button on our online trading system Assist.

Simply type the trade you require into the search box next to the appropriate product header and a list of acceptable trades will be displayed. Alternatively you can search the entire list by clicking anywhere within the product area and a drop down of trades will be revealed.

Our ‘best converting’ trades are shown in Red Bold.

Accessing from our website – Located under the Brokers/Register tab (see below) or click here

trade list

Accessing from our online trading system Assist – Once you are on the Assist homepage you can access the trade search facility by clicking on the Trade Search button at the top or click here