Our Commissions

Your guide to our standard commission rates

Property Owners Commisions

Property Owners

Residential Property Owners22.50%
Residential Short Term Unoccupied20.00%
Commercial & Industrial Property Owners20.00%
Landlord’s Contents20.00%
Liability Commisions


Liability (Per Capita)20.00%
Liability (Wages & Turnover)20.00%
Land Liability17.50%
Market Traders17.50%
Contract Cleaners17.50%
Contractors All Risk (CAR)15.00%
PL Excess of Loss20.00%
SME Commisions


Shop & Wholesale20.00%
Public House20.00%
Fast Food & Restaurant20.00%
Hair & Beauty20.00%
Caravan & Trailer Commisions

Caravan & Trailer

Caravan Static17.50%
Catering & Event Commisions

Catering & Event

Outside Caterer17.50%
Catering Trailer15.00%
Catering Van7.50%
Single Event15.00%
Multi Event15.00%