Trade List and Appetite Guide

Please use our search facility to establish if we can cover your clients trade under the policy they require.

Our best converting trades are highlighted in red bold*

Trades that have this symbol † include free PI cover up to £25,000 when the risk is placed on our Per Capita product provided by Covéa. (This does not apply to Per Capita products that are provided by other insurers.)

Commercial & Industrial Property Owners



African restaurant (deep fat frying)

African restaurant (no deep fat frying)

Agricultural machinery dealers/engineers

Aircraft engine manufacture

Alkali/soda/acid manufacture

Aluminium manufacture

American restaurant (deep fat frying)

American restaurant (no deep fat frying)

American takeaway

Amusement arcade

Analytical chemists & labs

Angling equipment retail only

Angling shops

Angling/camping equipment manufacturer

Angling/camping wholesale

Animal breeders/kennels*

Animal feedstuff manufacture

Antique shop*

Army & navy shop (no guns)

Army & navy shop (ex guns)

Art & craft retail only*

Art & craft shop

Art dealers

Art gallery

Artificial silk spinners & manufacture

Artificial stone manufacture

Artists studios

Asbestos & asbestos products manufacture

Asian sweet shop (deep fat frying)

Asian sweet shop (no deep fat frying)

Assayers (gold & silver)

Athletic/sports club

Auction rooms - ex motor/livestock

Audio cassette manufacture

Baby/children’s wear

Baby/children’s wear retailer

Bacon/ham curers


Bakers shop - ex bakery

Bakers sundries manufacture

Bakery - retail only*

Baking powder manufacture



Barometer manufacture

Bathroom/kitchen wholesale

Bathroom showroom

Bearings supplier

Beauty parlour

Beauty salon*

Bedding/mattress manufacture

Belt & brace manufacture

Betting shop

Billiard ball manufacture

Bingo hall

Biscuit manufacture

Bistro - (deep fat frying)

Bistro - (no deep fat frying)

Bleach manufacture


Blind retailer & manufacturer*

Boat houses

Bone/horn/ivory works

Book makers*

Book retailer

Book shop

Booksellers - retail

Booksellers - wholesale

Boot & shoe manufacture

Boot & shoe retailer

Boot & shoe wholesale


Bowling alleys

Brake/clutch lining manufacture


Brewers grain dryers

Bric-a-brac retailer

Brick & tile manufacture

Bridal wear retailer

Builders merchants - ex woodworking*

Builders merchants - inc woodworking

Builders workshops & stores - ex woodworking*

Builders workshops & stores - inc woodworking*

Building society

Bulb manufacture


Butchers with abattoir

Butchers with no abattoir*

Cafe - (deep fat frying)

Cafe - (no deep fat frying)

Café - internet

Cafés/restaurants - (deep fat frying)*

Cafés/restaurants - (no deep fat frying)*

Cake mixture manufacture

Camera manufacture

Cameras - wholesale

Car valeters*

Caravan sites

Carbon paper manufacture

Cardboard box/tube manufacture

Care home

Caribbean restaurant (deep fat frying)

Caribbean restaurant (no deep fat frying)

Carpet cleaners

Carpet fitters

Carpet retailer*

Carpet warehouse

Carpet/rug manufacture

Cash & carry

Casino/gaming clubs

Catalogue shop

Catalogue shop (no mobile phones)

Catering equipment wholesale

Cattle market/auctions

Cd’s, dvd’s retail only

Cd/records retailer

Cd/records/tapes wholesale

Cement works

Ceramic tiles retailer

Ceramic tiles wholesale

Charcoal manufacture

Charity shop*


Chemists - wholesale

Cheque cashing centre

Cheque convertors

Chicken takeaway

China & glass shop

China & glass wholesale

China/glass retailer

Chinese restaurant (deep fat frying)

Chinese restaurant (no deep fat frying)

Chinese takeaway

Chromium platers

Church hall

Cider manufacture

Cinema film dealers

Cinemas (ex adult cinema)


Clock manufacture*

Clothing hire

Clothing retailer

Clothing wholesaler

Coal merchants - wholesale


Coffee roasters

Coffee shop - (deep fat frying)

Coffee shop - (no deep fat frying)

Coffee/sandwich bar retailer - (deep fat frying)

Coffee/sandwich bar retailer - (no deep fat frying)

Coin dealers

Compact disk manufacture

Computer games retailer

Computer retailer

Computer warehouse*

Concert hall

Condensed milk manufacture

Confectioner retailer


Confectionery wholesale

Confectionery/cocoa manufacture


Cooking fat/dripping manufacture & refiners

Cosmetic manufacture

Cotton mills

Country mansions


Curtain makers

Curtain/fabric retailer

Curtain/fabric wholesale

Custard powder manufacture

Cycle repairers

Cycle shop

D.I.Y. Retailer


Dance academies*

Dance wear shop

Day nurseries

Deep freeze centres

Delicatessen only*


Dental labs*

Department stores


Diy superstores ex woodworking

Diy superstores inc woodworking

Doctor’s surgery

Double glazing (sales only)

Double glazing manufacture - upvc

Drapers warehouse

Drapers/soft furnishers

Dress hire shop

Dry cleaners*

Dyers ex fur

Electric cable manufacture

Electrical component storage*

Electrical engineers*

Electrical goods - brown wholesale

Electrical goods - commercial wholesale

Electrical goods - white wholesale

Electrical goods retail only*

Electrode manufacture

Electronic equipment manufacture ex computers

Electronic equipment manufacture inc computers


Engineering & mining company*

English restaurant (deep fat frying)

English restaurant (no deep fat frying)

Engravers (metal)

Essence manufacture

Estate agent

European restaurant (deep fat frying)

European restaurant (no deep fat frying)

Exhaust fitters - (inc tyres)

Exhaust fitters - (no tyres)

Fancy dress/costume hire

Fancy goods retailer

Fancy goods wholesale*

Fast food takeaway

Fibre product manufacture

Film manufacture

Film processors

Film studios

Fire place shop

Fish & chip shop

Fish curers

Fish mongers shop


Flag/banner/bunting manufacture

Flax/linen mills

Florist shop

Flowers wholesale

Footwear retailer

French polishers/lacquerers

French restaurant (deep fat frying)

French restaurant (no deep fat frying)

Frozen food retailer

Frozen food retailer (no composite


Fruit & veg wholesale

Fruit & veg retailer

Fruit syrup manufacture

Funeral director

Funeral directors & chapel of rest

Furniture manufacture*

Furniture retailer*

Furniture warehouse*


Garage - lock up*

Garden centres

Garden supplies

Garden supplies retailer

Garra fish beauticians

General grocer/off licence*

Gift shop*

Glass bevellers/cutters

Glass manufacture

Glass manufacture wholesale

Glove manufacture

Glucose manufacture

Glue & gum manufacture

Glycerine manufacture

Golf professional shops

Grease manufacture

Greek restaurant (deep fat frying)

Greek restaurant (no deep fat frying)


Greeting card wholesale/warehouse

Greeting cards shop

Grocery & provisions wholesale*

Guest house - (deep fat frying)*

Guest house - (no deep fat frying)*

Guest houses ex dss/students/asylum seekers

Guest houses inc dss/students/asylum seekers

Gun dealers

Gun manufacture

Gun shop



Hairdresser & blind retailer


Hardware retailer*

Hardware wholesaler*

Hat manufacture

Hat retail/milliners



Health club

Health foods shop

Hide/skin/leather wholesale ex clothing

Holiday camp

Hosiery/knitwear manufacture

Hosiery/lingerie retailer

Hosiery/lingerie wholesale

Hotel - (deep fat frying)

Hotel - (no deep fat frying)

Hotel ex dss/students/asylum seekers

Hotel inc dss/students/asylum seekers

Household goods retailer

Ice cream maker

Ice cream manufacture

Ice cream parlour

Ice cream retailer

Ink manufacture

Internet cafe - (deep fat frying)

Internet cafe - (no deep fat frying)

Iron gate manufacturers

Iron/steel foundries

Ironmongers/hardware wholesale ex woodworking

Ironmongers/hardware wholesale inc woodworking

Italian restaurant (deep fat frying)

Italian restaurant (no deep fat frying)

Jam/marmalade/jelly manufacture

Japanese restaurant (deep fat frying)

Japanese restaurant (no deep fat frying)

Jewellers - manufacture

Jewellery retailer*

Jewellery wholesale

Joiners including dust extraction*

Jute/hessian wholesale

Key cutting

Kitchen showroom

Lace factories

Lace wholesale

Lamp shade manufacture

Laser equipment manufacture

Launderettes (attended)

Launderettes (unmanned)*


Leather goods manufacture

Leather goods retail - ex clothing

Leather goods retailer

Leather goods wholesale

Lebanese restaurant (deep fat frying)

Lebanese restaurant (no deep fat frying)

Leisure centre

Lens manufacture

Lighting retailer

Lithographic plate manufacture


Luggage & hand bag retailer

Marble works

Margarine manufacture

Market gardeners

Market halls

Martial arts centre only

Masonic hall

Meat wholesale

Mediterranean restaurant (deep fat frying)

Mediterranean restaurant (no deep fat frying)

Metal workers*

Mexican restaurant (deep fat frying)

Mexican restaurant (no deep fat frying)

Millers - flour/corn/rice

Mineral oil refining

Mineral oil storage

Mirror manufacture

Mobile phone retailer/wholesale

Mobile phone shop

Mobility shop

Models (replica) retailer

Models retailer

Mot testing centre*

Motor accessories retailer*

Motor accessories wholesale - (ex tyres)

Motor accessories wholesale - (inc tyres)

Motor accessory manufacture

Motor garages - body repairs workshop*

Motor garages - filling stations*

Motor garages - other workshop*

Motor garages - showrooms*

Motor vehicle auction rooms

Motor vehicle manufacture

Museums/art galleries/exhibitions

Musical equipment manufacture - metal

Musical equipment manufacture - timber

Musical instruments retailer

Mustard manufacture

Neon light/illuminated sign manufacture


Newsagents/publishers wholesale

Nickel plating works

Nursery (children)

Nursery (plants etc)

Nursery goods retailer

Nursery goods wholesale

Nursing home

Off licence*

Office (excluding taxi offices)*

Office equipment retail

Office supplies retailer



Paint & wallpaper retailer

Paint mixer

Paint retail

Paint wholesale

Painters & decorators workshops ex woodworkers

Painters & decorators workshops inc woodworkers

Paint/varnish/lacquer manufacture


Pen manufacture

Pepper/spice grinders

Perfume manufacture

Pet/dog grooming parlours

Pet shop*

Petrol filling station*

Pharmaceutical manufacture

Photo development

Photographic dealers

Photographic equipment retailer

Photographic supplies manufacture

Pictures & frames retailer

Pizza restaurant (deep fat frying)

Pizza restaurant (no deep fat frying)

Pizza takeaway

Plant hirers*

Plaster/plasterboard manufacture

Plastics storage*

Platinum refiners

Plumbers merchant

Post office*

Potato crisp manufacture


Pottery retailer

Precious stone cutters

Precision engineers & fabricators*

Printers - newspaper

Printers - on cardboard box/tube

Printers - on other textiles

Printers - on paper/cardboard*

Printers - on plastics

Printers - on silk

Printing machine repair & maintenance

Pub (no late licence/no live entertainment)

Public house - (deep fat frying)*

Public house - (no deep fat frying)*

Public house (late licence/live entertainment)

Pumping stations/waterworks

Race course

Radio station

Rag carbonisers

Rag grinders

Rags warehouse/wholesale

Record manufacture

Record shop

Recording studio

Records warehouse/wholesale

Repairers of garage equipment

Residential care home (oap’s only)

Resin manufacture

Restaurant (no takeaway) - (deep fat frying)

Restaurant (no takeaway) - (no deep fat frying)

Restaurant (with takeaway)

Restaurants/cafe - (deep fat frying)

Restaurants/cafe - (no deep fat frying)

Ribbon manufacture

Riding schools/stables*

Rope/twine/string manufacture

Sail cloth manufacture

Salt manufacture

Sandpaper/glass paper manufacture

Sandwich shop (deep fat frying)

Sandwich shop (no deep fat frying)

Sauce/pickle manufacture

Sauna/turkish baths

Sausage skin manufacture

School wear retailer

Scientific instrument manufacture

Scout/guide premises

Sculpture studios

Second hand dealers

Self catering accommodation

Sewing machine manufacture

Sewing machine retailer

Sex shop (licensed)


Ship breakers

Shoe repairs

Shopping arcades

Sign writers

Skating rinks

Snooker hall

Soap manufacture

Social club

Social/members club (none football or religious related

Social/members club (none football or religious related) - (no deep fat frying)

Soft drink/mineral water manufacture

Soft drinks wholesale

Sports club

Sports equipment retailer

Sports equipment wholesale

Sports goods retailer

Sports stadia

Sports wear retailer

Starch manufacture


Stationery retailer

Stationery wholesale

Steel/iron stockists

Stone & marble masons

Stone works & quarries

Storage of diy equipment*

Storage of motorcycles/motor vehicles*

Storers of electrial lighting

Suet manufacture

Sugar manufacture/refiners

Sun bed salon

Sun bed/tanning salons



Surgeries (e.G. Doctor, vet, dentist)*

Synthetic alcohol manufacture

Synthetic rubber manufacture


Takeaway (no fish & chip shops)


Tarmac manufacture

Tattoo shop

Taxi office

Tea room

Tent makers

Thai restaurant (deep fat frying)

Thai restaurant (no deep fat frying)


Thermometer manufacture

Tobacco warehouse - bonded

Tobacco warehouse - other

Tobacco/cigar/cigarette manufacture


Toy manufacture

Toy shop

Transformer/electrical sub-stations

Travel agents

Tripe dressers

Trophy shop

Turkish restaurant (deep fat frying)

Turkish restaurant (no deep fat frying)

Tyre/exhaust fitters*

Umbrella manufacture


Unoccupied commercial – flea

Unoccupied commercial – wider perils

Unoccupied industrial – flea

Unoccupied industrial – wider perils



Upholsterers - retail

Vegetable oil refineries


Video shop

Video tape manufacture

Video/dvd hire

Vinegar bottlers/manufacture

Wallpaper manufacture

Washing powder manufacture

Watch & clock retailer

Watch manufacture

Water cooler retailer

Waxed paper/carton manufacture

Wholesaler of dental equipment & furniture

Wholesaler/repairer of cookers

Wig makers

Wine bar - (deep fat frying)

Wine bar - (no deep fat frying)

Wines & spirits wholesale

Woodworking (no power tools/machinery)

Woodworking (power tools/machinery)*

Wool shop

Woollen mills

Woollen warehouse

Working mens club

Workshop for powder paint spraying

Worsted mills

Yeast manufacture

Youth club

Zoological gardens

Contract Cleaners

Carpet & upholstery

Domestic household

Factory & warehouses

Hotels, pubs &/or schools

Motor &/or commercial vehicles

Office &/or shops

Windows (domestic)

Contractors All Risk

Acoustic engineers

Aerial erection (commercial)

Aerial erection (domestic work only)

Air condition/refrigeration engineers

Air conditioning engineers

Alarm installers ex heat (domestic & commercial)


Audio visual engineer

Bathroom installer

Bedroom furniture installation

Boiler services (domestic)

Boiler services (non-domestic)



Cable/tv installations


Carpet fitters

Cavity wall insulators

Cctv installation

Ceiling installers

Cladding contractors (non timber)

Computer engineers

Conservatory installers

Curtain & blind fitters

Damp-proofing installer

Data cable installers ex trenching

Digital aerial installation (domestic only)

Domestic appliance repairer

Double glazing installers/glaziers

Draught proofing installers

Dry liner

Drystone wallers

Ductwork installers

Electrical contractors industrial

Electrical engineers

Escalator engineer

Fencing contractors

Fire equipment supply & maintain

Fire surround installation

Fitted furniture installers

Flooring contractors

Garage door installers/repairs

Garden equipment engineer

Gardeners ex landscaping


Ground workers

Guttering & fascia board contractor (commercial)

Guttering & fascia board fitter

Gym equipment installers

Heating & ventilation contractor

Heating contractor (domestic only)

Insulation contractor

Interior designers/decorators

Kerb & paving layers

Kitchen installers (commercial)

Kitchen installers (domestic)

Landscaping contractors

Loft conversion contractors

Loft insulation

Mastic sealant contractors

Mechanical engineering

Metal fabricators

Monumental mason

Office equipment engineers

Painter/decorator 10m height limit

Painter/decorator industrial no height limit

Partitioning contractors

Paving path, drive & patio contractors

Pebble dashing & rending contractor

Plastering, pebble dash, aertex

Plumbers (domestic & light commercial only)

Plumbers & heating contractor (dom & light comm)

Property maintenance & repair

Roller shutter & door installation

Safe installers

Satellite dish installers/repairers (inc commercial)

Shelving & racking

Shop fitters

Sign erectors

Solar panel installation

Sprinkler installer ex heat

Sprinkler installer inc heat

Stair lift installers


Tilers (ex roofs)

Timber decking contractors


Wood burning stove installation


Amateur dramatics

Animal show (cat, dog, domestic pets, reptiles)

Anniversary party

Antiques fair

Artists exhibition

Arts and crafts fair/sale

Athletics meeting or competition (road or track only) (non-televised)

Auction (not livestock)

Awards presentation

Baby and childrens market

Badminton match or tournament (non-televised)

Bag packing for charity

Ball or dance (not rave or disco)

Balloon release


Barn dance

Baseball match or tournament (non-televised)

Basketball match or tournament (non-televised)


Beach sports

Beauty pageant

Beer festival

Bike ride (not in mountains) (non-televised)

Bingo event

Board game competition or event

Boat show (land based only)

Book fair

Boot fair

Boot fair/car boot sale

Boxing match or tournament (non-televised)

Brass band meet/show

Bridge or beetle drive

Bring and buy sales

Camera club meeting or show

Camping/caravanning event (not wild camping)

Car boot sales

Car owners club meeting (static)

Car show (static)

Car wash

Careers fair


Carol singing or concert

Casino night


Charity collection

Cheerleeding event

Childrens concert

Christmas fair

Christmas light switch on

Christmas lights and tree display

Comedy show (amateur)

Community fun day

Computer or card game/competition

Computer or it show

Concert (classical jazz or folk)


Cookery demonstration

Country fair

Cricket (amateur)

Croquet match

Cultural festival

Cycling event (track/road only) (non-televised)

Dancing event/competition

Darts competition or marathon (amateur) (non-televised)

Debate (non party political and non religious)


Drive in cinema

Educational workshop


Exercise event

Exhibition (open to the public)

Exhibition (trade show)

Falconry display

Family fun day

Farmers market

Fashion show (not celebrity or designer)


Film fair (not premier)

Flea market

Flower arranging

Flower show

Food and wine festival

Food fair

Football/rugby tournament (amateur) (non-televised)

Fun run or walk (road or track only)

Game fair

Garden open day

Garden party

Ghost hunt

Golf match or tournament (amateur) (non-televised)

Graduation day

Hill/fell walk (not mountaineering or climbing)

Historic or garden walk

Hockey match (amateur) (non-televised)

Horse racing (participants not hospitality) (non-televised)

Horse show (not trials or point to point) (non-televised)

Horticultural show


Ice hockey event (non-televised)

Ice skating or dancing event (non-televised)

Incentive travel

Inland water based event (amateur only) (non-televised)

Jumble sale

Kite event

Laser/light show

Late night shopping

Leaflet promotion


Light switch-on

Literary or poetry event

Litter pick


Magic show

Majorette competition

Marathon (non-televised)


Martial arts event

Model railway club meeting or event

Motor cycle show (static)

Murder mystery event

Music or arts festival or recital (not rock or pop)

Music concert (non-televised) 

Needlework group meeting or event

Netball (amateur) (non-televised)

Paranormal investigation


Photo shoot (not celebrity)

Ploughing match

Press event (non-televised)

Processions or parades (non political non religious)

Product launch


Race night

Raft race (inland waters)


Recruitment fair


Regatta (amateur and inland waters only) (non-motorised)

Religious festival (not processions or parades)

Remembrance day parade (non political)


Road show

Roller derby (non-televised)

Rounders match

Rubber duck race

Rugby/football match (amateur) (non-televised)

Science fiction fair (e.g. Dr who)

Snooker or pool match or marathon (amateur) (non-televised)

Speed dating event

Squash match or tournament (non-televised)

Static car show

Steam rally

Street party

Swimming event (non-televised)

Table top sale

Talk club meeting

Tea or coffee morning/afternoon

Tennis (amateur) (non-televised)

Test drive

Torchlight procession (non political non religious)

Town crier competition

Toy fair

Treasure hunt

Tug of war

Volleyball match or tournament (non-televised)

Walk (not mountaineering)

Watersports event (amateur and inland waters only) (non-motorised)

Wedding fair (but not a wedding)

Wake/memorial (not a funeral)

Wrestling match (non-televised)

Fast Food

African restaurant (deep fat frying)*

African restaurant (no deep fat frying)*

American restaurant (deep fat frying)*

American restaurant (no deep fat frying)*

American takeaway

Arabian/middle east restaurant (deep fat frying)

Arabian/middle east restaurant (no deep fat frying)

Arabian/middle east takeaway

Asian sweet shop (deep fat frying)*

Asian sweet shop (no deep fat frying)*

Brazilian restaurant (deep fat frying)

Brazilian restaurant (no deep fat frying)

Brazilian takeaway

Cafe (deep fat frying)*

Cafe (no deep fat frying)*

Caribbean restaurant (deep fat frying)*

Caribbean restaurant (no deep fat frying)*

Caribbean takeaway*

Chicken takeaway *

Chinese restaurant (deep fat frying)*

Chinese restaurant (no deep fat frying)*

Chinese takeaway*

Coffee house *

Dessert restaurant

Dessert takeaway

English restaurant (deep fat frying)*

English restaurant (no deep fat frying)*

European restaurant (deep fat frying)*

European restaurant (no deep fat frying)*

Fish & chip shop

French restaurant (deep fat frying)*

French restaurant (no deep fat frying)*

Greek restaurant (deep fat frying)*

Greek restaurant (no deep fat frying)*

Internet cafe (deep fat frying)*

Internet cafe (no deep fat frying)*

Italian restaurant (deep fat frying)*

Italian restaurant (no deep fat frying)*

Japanese restaurant (deep fat frying)*

Japanese restaurant (no deep fat frying)*

Japanese takeaway

Lebanese restaurant (deep fat frying)*

Lebanese restaurant (no deep fat frying)*

Lithuanian restaurant (deep fat frying)

Lithuanian restaurant (no deep fat frying)

Lithuanian takeaway

Mediterranean restaurant (deep fat frying)*

Mediterranean restaurant (no deep fat frying)*

Mediterranean takeaway

Mexican restaurant (deep fat frying)*

Mexican restaurant (no deep fat frying)*

Mexican takeaway

Pizza restaurant (deep fat frying)*

Pizza restaurant (no deep fat frying)*

Pizza takeaway

Polish restaurant (deep fat frying)

Polish restaurant (no deep fat frying)

Polish takeaway

Russian restaurant (deep fat frying)

Russian restaurant (no deep fat frying)

Russian takeaway

Sandwich bar (deep fat frying)

Sandwich bar (no deep fat frying)

Seafood (only) restaurant

Tea room

Thai restaurant (deep fat frying)*

Thai restaurant (no deep fat frying)*

Thai takeaway

Turkish restaurant (deep fat frying)*

Turkish restaurant (no deep fat frying)*

Vegetarian restaurant (deep fat frying)

Vegetarian restaurant (no deep fat frying)

Vegetarian takeaway

Land Liability

Development site

Grazing, moorland or woodland


Private road

Rough country

Self build

Undeveloped pasture

Liability (Per Capita) & (Wages & Turnover)


Acoustic engineers


Actuarial consultancy


Advertising agency

Advertising consultancy

Advertising contractors with height limit †

Aerial erection (commercial)

Aerial erection (domestic work only) †

Aerobics fitness instructor ex sports training †

Agricultural consultants

Aikido instructor

Air conditioning engineers

Air conditioning/refrigeration engineers

Alarm installers ex heat domestic & commercial

Alloy wheel fitters †

Aqua aerobics instructor


Art/craft manufacturer* †

Artexers †

Artist/sculptors/potters †

Audio visual engineer †



Auto electricians †

Auto electricians - inc service indemnity* †


Bath resurfacer †

Bathroom installer* †

Beauticians* †

Beauticians - mobile †

Beauticians (including treatment)

Beauticians including treatment - mobile

Bedroom furniture installation †

Belly fit instructor

Bill board poster

Body pump instructor

Body repairers* †

Boiler services (domestic)* †

Boxercise (non contact) instructor

Bricklayers* †

Builders* †


Cable/tv installations †


Canvassers †

Car audio/alarm installers †

Car chip/scratch companies †

Car delivery* †

Car sales (excluding products liability)*

Car valeters*

Car wash - hand only*

Car window etching †

Career consultants

Caretakers †

Carpenters/joiners (inc work away ex wwm)* †

Carpenters/joiners (premises only inc wwm) †

Carpenters/joiners (inc away inc wwm) †

Carpet fitters †

Carpet/upholstery cleaners †


Cavity wall insulators

Cctv installation

Ceiling installers †

Chair based exercise instructor

Charity/community groups

Chartered surveyors

Chauffeur services* †

Cherry picker scissors lift

Child minders †

Children’s entertainers †

Childrens fitness instructor

Chimney sweep (pdh only) †


Circuit training instructor

Civil celebrant †

Claims assessing

Cleaners (domestic/commercial ex industrial)* †

Cleaners- industrial


Clock repair engineer †

Coach operator*

Commissioners for oaths


Computer engineers

Computer consultants

Conservatory installers †

Consulting engineers



Couriers/light hauliers (exc cycles & motor cycles)*

Cross fit instructor

Curtain & blind fitters

Curtain fitters †

Cycling instructor indoor only

Damp-proofing installer

Dance tutors

Data cable installers excl trenching

Design consultancy


Digital aerial installation (domestic only)

Dj’s †

Dog groomers †

Dog walking/pet sitting †

Domestic appliance repairer

Domestic helps/home helps*

Domestic oven cleaner †

Domestic shed/garage erection †

Double glazing installers/glaziers †


Drain cleaners

Draught proofing installer


Driving instructor (private car only)

Dry liner †

Drystone wallers †

Ductwork installers

Electrical contractors - upto 10% ind. Work

Electrical contractors excluding industrial

Electrical contractors upto 50% phase 3 work*

Electrical engineers excluding industrial


Escalator engineer

Escalator engineer

Estate agents

Exhaust fitters †

Exhibition stand erectors

Fashion consultant

Fencing contractor †

Financial advisory service

Financial consultant/adviser

Financial services

Fire surround installation †

Fitness instructor

Fitsteps instructor

Fitted furniture installers †

Flagstaff installers †

Flooring contractors †

Floral & plant arrangers †

Floral & plant arrangers (inc work away) †

Food & drink distributors*

Fork lift truck engineer

Fork lift truck instructor

French polisher and upholsters †

Furniture distributors/repairers †

Furniture removals

Garage door installers/repairs †

Garage shed erector †

Garden equipment engineer †

Gardeners excluding landscaping* †

Garra fish beauticians †


Grave diggers †

Group exercise instruction

Groundworkers (exc Northern Ireland)

Guttering & fascia board fitter †

Guttering & fascia contractor (commercial)

Gym equipment installers

Gymnastics (exc stunts/aerial work) instructor

Gymnastics (inc stunts/aerial work) instructor

Hairdressers* †

Hairdressers (mobile)* †

Haulage and drivers of HGV*

Health & safety consultants

Heating and plumbing contractor (domestic)*

Heating and ventilation contractor

Hgv/bus/tractor mechanics

Home carers*

Home economist - must be rated on wages

and turnover

Home trader

House & pet sitters †

House sitters †

Hula hoop class instructor

Hygiene cleansers

Ice cream vendor †


Insanity fitness instructor

Insulation contractor


Insurance advisor

Insurance assessor

Insurance broker

Insurance consultancy

Insurance intermediary

Interior designers/decorators

Investment consultancy

Investment management

Ironing services †


Kettlercise instructor

Kitchen installers (commercial) †

Kitchen installers (domestic)* †

Landscaping contractors †


Leaflet distributors †

Locksmiths †

Loft conversion contractors

Loft insulation

Loss adjuster

Loss assessor

Management consultants

Market research consultants

Market trader - please use ce market traders

Market trader inc. products liability

Marketing consultancy

Marquee erectors †

Marriage guidance

Mastic sealant contractors †

Mechanical engineering

Mechanics - including service indemnity*

Mechanics (public liability only) †

Mechanics inc products liability †

Metal fabricators (premise)

Metal fabricators (work away)

Milkmen (ex road traffic act cover) †

Mobile mechanics †

Mobile mechanics - inc service indemnity* †

Mobile mechanics inc products liability †

Mobile tyre fitters*

Monumental mason †

Mortgage brokers

Motor cycle mechanic †

Motor cycle mechanic inc service indemnity †

Music teacher †

Non-manual site supervising

Office equipment engineers †

Office fitter †

Other - not listed


Outside caterer

Paint decorate 10m height limit* †

Panel beater inc service indemnity †

Panel beatings †

Partitioning contractors †

Party planners

Paths drives patio cleaners ex clean buildings †

Paving path drive and patio contractors †

Pebble dash & rending contractor †

Pebbledashing & rendering contractors †

Pedal cycle mechanic inc service indemnity*

Pedal cycle mechanics

Personal training instructor

Personnel consultancy

Pest controllers

Photographers and photo developers (print labs)

Piano tuners †

Picture framer †

Pilates instructor

Plastering pebble dash artex †

Plumbers (dom & light comm)*

Plumbing & heating contractor (dom & light comm)*

Pole dancing teacher


Private tutors

Property consultancy

Property letting

Property maintenance and repair* †

Property management


Public relation consultancy

Removal contractors domestic/office

Research consultancy

Retail (sales only)*

Roller shutter & door installation

Safe installation and removal

Safe installers

Satellite dish installers/repairers (inc commercial) †


Secretarial agency (excl. Hired-out staff)

Secretarial services

Security light fitters

Self drive hire †

Self employed promotional people

Shed/garage erectors †

Shoe repair/key cutter †

Shopfitters †

Sign & poster maintenance †

Sign erectors †

Sign makers †

Silk screen printers

Solar panel installation


Speech therapy

Spinning instructor

Sports coaches/teachers*

Sprinkler installer inc heat

Sprinklers install excl heat

Squash instructor

Stair lift installers †



Street furniture installers †


Tailors †

Tanning studio


Tax consultants

Taxi drivers* †

Teachers (excluding manual activities)

Teachers (inc manual activities)

Telecommunication engineers †

Tent/marquee erectors †

Tilers (excl roofs) †

Timber decking contractors †

Touring caravan maintenance †

Touring caravan maintenance-exc service indemnity †


Travelling/on foot salesmen

Typewriter services

Typing and copying bureau

Tyre fitters*

Ultimate frisbee instructor

Underwriting agency

Upholsterers †

Upvc windows/doors manufacture ex installation †


Website designer

Wedding planners

Welding contractor

Wheelie bin cleaning †

Window cleaners (commercial) †

Window cleaners (domestic)* †

Windscreen fitters †

Windscreen repairs †

Woodburning stove installation

Yoga instructor

Zumba instructor

Market Traders & Online Retailers


Antique dealers


Art dealers


Arts & crafts


Baby goods inc. Prams/pushchairs

Bags & suitcases

Bathroom & kitchen equipment


Beauty therapy

Bedding & towels


Book exchange

Books & magazines

Boot shoe repair




Car accessories

Card crafting

Carpets & rugs

Cash 4 gold

Charity stalls

China & glass

Christmas trees & decorations

Cleaning products for home & car


Computer equipment



Dairy products (including cheese)


Do it yourself

Domestic machinery


Electrical goods

Embroidered furnishings


Fancy goods

Fishing equipment



Fruit & veg

Furniture sales

Garden plants/ornaments


Green grocers

Haberdashery & needlecraft

Hair accessories

Handbags & accessories

Handcraft jewellery

Handcrafted beaded jewellery

Handmade dolls houses & furniture

Handmade gifts


Health foods


Homemade beer, cider, wine



Iron monger/key cutter

Jam & preserves


Knitted items

Leather goods



Mobile phone accessories

Motor/motor bike/cycle parts

Music & dvd

Musical instruments

Ornamental sculptor


Paint & wallpaper

Party supplies

Pet food & accessories

Picture frames/mirrors



Second hand cameras

Soft furnishings

Sporting equipment


Sweet stall


Toy seller

Train sets

Vintage clothing/jewellery



Office & Office (Material Damage Only)

All offices (other than those listed)

Contractors office (officer material damage only)

Modelling agencies

Recruitment agencies


Taxi office (no public access)

Travel agents

Outside Caterer

Baked potato ovens

Bread delivery

Buffet caterers

Cake making & chocolate fountains

Catering trailers

Coffee rounds

Coffee shop

Contract caterers (golf clubs/pubs/canteens etc)

Cookery demonstrators

Dinner parties

Farmers markets

Food kiosks

Fruit/vegetable stall

Hog roasts & barbecues

Home preserve

Hot food vans

Ice cream vans & bikes

Jiffy trucks

Juice/smoothie bar

Market stall caterers

Marquee caterers

Milk delivery

Mobile bars

Mobile butchers

Mobile shop

Other not listed

Outside caterers

Sandwich rounds

Sandwich shop

Street food operator

Sweet cart/stand (attended)

Tea room

Vending machines

Wet fish round

Public House

Members clubs

Political clubs

Public house

Snooker & pool hall

Social club

Sports club

Wine bar

Working mens clubs



Art & craft supplies

Bakers (baking on premises)*

Bakers (not baking on premises)

Bathroom/kitchen retail


Bedding retail

Book sellers


Butchers & poulterers*


Camping equipment


Charity shop

Chemists & toiletries

Cheque cashers

China & glassware

Clothing - asian

Clothing - baby wear

Clothing - bridal wear

Clothing - fashion & designer wear

Clothing - hats

Clothing - knitwear

Clothing - lingerie

Clothing - other clothing

Clothing - scarfs

Clothing - sports clothing

Cobblers/key cutters


Computer game retail




Diy stores

Drapers (inc. Curtains & blinds)

Dvds, records, cassettes & cds


Electrical goods - brown goods

Electrical goods - white goods


Fancy goods

Film processors


Fishing tackle




Frozen food



Garden supplies

Garra fish beauticians

General grocers*

Golf shops




Hair products only

Halal butchers


Health food

Intruder alarms

Kitchenware/catering equipment

Lamps & lights


Leather goods (excluding clothing)

Luggage & hand bags


Motor accessories

Musical instruments


Nursery goods

Off licences

Office equipment


Paint & wallpaper


Perfume & cosmetics

Pet food shops

Pet shops

Piano retail

Picture framers

Post offices *

Pound shop

Print shop

Records, cassettes & cds

Sewing machines

Soft furnishings

Sports equipment (excluding clothing)



Take away - cold

Tanning salon*

Tattoo studio*

Textile shops

Tie shops




Wool (excluding knitwear)



Art & craft supplies





Builders merchants*

Butchers & poulterers*


Camping equipment


Cash & carry*

Chemists & toiletries*

China & glassware*

Clothing - asian

Clothing - baby wear*

Clothing - bridal wear

Clothing - fashion & designer wear

Clothing - hats

Clothing - knitwear*

Clothing - lingerie*

Clothing - other clothing*

Clothing - scarfs

Clothing - sports clothing*




Drapers (inc. Curtains & blinds)

Dvds, records, cassettes & cds

Electrical goods - brown goods

Electrical goods - white goods*


Fancy goods*


Fishing tackle




Frozen food



Garden supplies

General grocers*

Golf shops



Hair products (only)



Health food*

Intruder alarms

Kitchenware & catering equipment

Lamps & lights

Leather goods (excluding clothing)

Luggage & bags


Motor accessories*

Musical instruments

Nursery goods

Office equipment *

Paint & wallpaper*

Perfume & cosmetics*

Pet food*


Plumbers merchants

Records, cassettes & cds*

Soft furnishings*

Sports equipment (excluding clothing)


Take away - cold






Wines & spirits merchants*

Wool (excl knitwear)