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Here at Commercial Express, we pride ourselves in our service to brokers and we want you to have the very best experience with us. With our friendly and attentive team, we’ll make sure your onboarding journey is a great one.

We’re also proud to be able to offer you a selection of over 36 products, ranging across Residential Property Owners, Commercial Property Owners, Liability, SME, Catering and more.

What’s more, it’s easy to register with us, just complete the form below and we’ll get in contact to see how we can help you.

We do have a minimum GWP requirement of £25,000 per annum therefore please include as much detail as possible about the products you are interested in, and complete all the fields to enable a smooth registration process.

Please note that Appointed Representatives can only be accepted as part of an approved network* so you’ll need to check whether your brokerage is part of one before proceeding.

*Approved networks are: Movo Partnership Ltd, Gauntlet Risk Management, Ten Insurance Services Ltd, J M Glendinning (IB) Ltd, Momentum Broker Solutions.

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