How to amend an inception date on a new business quotation

Note – You can amend the inception date when you hold cover on a risk providing it is within 30 days of the original quote. If the new inception date is over 30 days, you will need to Requote the risk and get updated terms.

Search for the quotation in the system. Click on the quote as shown in the example below.

You will then be presented with the following options:

Select Hold Cover

You will be taken to the screen below:

Read through the statement and providing you are happy all risk information presented is correct, click Accept.

If you cannot agree to the statement click Dont Accept and you will exit the quote record.

Once you have clicked Accept, you will be taken to the Hold Cover screen as shown below.

Here you can amend the inception date before selecting Hold Cover to place the risk on cover.

The system will then confirm cover has been held and provide you with a CEQ number. We recommend that you record this for future reference.