Open GI

Commercial Express is excited to announce its strategic decision to join the Open GI Commercial Lines SME panel, a move that will significantly expand our reach and accessibility. We are pleased to collaborate with Open GI to bring a carefully selected range of our products to the OGI CL SME platform, starting this summer.

From November 1st 2023, we have planned a gradual release of new schemes, ensuring a steady expansion of our offerings. This strategic approach allows us to effectively cater to the diverse needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and provide tailored solutions for their insurance requirements.

The initial rollout on the OGI CL SME platform will prioritise key areas of interest for SMEs. We will feature a Residential and Commercial Property Owners scheme, catering to the insurance needs of property owners across the market.

We shall proceed to extend the rollout to encompass additional schemes tailored for Residential and Commercial Property Owners, in addition to Tradesman Liability schemes. These meticulously crafted Tradesman Liability schemes are purposefully structured to effectively mitigate the distinctive challenges encountered by tradespeople, thereby affording them the indispensable coverage they require.

Finally, we plan to introduce a Shop facility, offering comprehensive insurance solutions to retail businesses. This strategic approach allows Commercial Express to strategically target various sectors within the SME market, ensuring a well-rounded and tailored product range for OGI CL SME platform users.

Open GI

About Open GI

Open GI is committed to building a leading commercial e-trading platform where you can quote, compare, and sell SME insurance as efficiently as possible.

As part of this pledge, they continue to grow their insurer panel with a broader range of products, so you have a greater choice of premiums to help meet your clients’ needs. They are also improving their clients everyday user experience (UX) and the functionality across all their platforms, making it easier to capture risk details.

What is Open GI CL SME?

Open GI’s commercial lines application gives you a simple e-trading option, streamlining the full cycle process, allowing you to quote and compare SME quotes from multiple insurers. The ability to quote, compare and sell on a single platform increases efficiency while saving you time and money. The result delivers a greater choice of premiums to meet the needs of your client.

Open GI’s integrated e-trading solution, SME allows you to trade through your direct relationships with insurers. There is no wholesale involvement from our system. The question set is based on industry standards and connects with insurer systems via imarket.


The first product launching on the Open GI CL SME platform is…

Commercial Express Select SME Property Owners
Commercial Express Ace SME Liability
Commercial Express Prime SME Property Owners
Commercial Express Pro SME Liability
Commercial Express SME Shop

How to register for Open GI CL SME

To register an agency with us so you can start using Open GI Commercial Lines SME software, you will need to fill out an application form here.

However please ensure you add the code OGI within the comments box (at the end of the form), for Commercial Express to identify the source of the agency registration. Please see example below.