Liability (Per Capita) & Liability (Wages & Turnover): New Insurers

Liability (Per Capita) & Liability (Wages & Turnover): New Insurers

With immediate effect all new business quotations for our Per Capita and Wages and Turnover schemes will be underwritten by Lloyd’s syndicate DTW 1991. All policies with a renewal date of the 7th September onwards will also be underwritten by DTW 1991.

DTW 1991 offer a common sense approach to underwriting, where we have seen a massive impact on the Land Liability, Contract Cleaners and Outside Caterers schemes since moving the schemes to DTW 1991. We are hoping that they will have the same effect on our two flag ship liability products.

Ben Warren, Class Underwriter at DTW 1991, said:

“Having spent the last few years working closely with the team at Commercial Express we are excited at the opportunity to add our insight to their flag ship product range. We look forward to expanding our relationship and our offerings to Commercial Express and their brokers, bringing them an enhanced, more informed and flexible product.”

We have the utmost confidence in our new partners and we will work together to ensure that we deliver excellent service for our customers whilst benefiting from better quality policy wordings.

Premiums remain unchanged along with policy terms and conditions.

The CAR section of the Wages and Turnover scheme will continue to be underwritten by HSB Engineering.

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