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Premiums Starting from Just £33.60 (includes IPT)
Day One Uplift Automatically Included at 50%
24/7 Claims Service, 365 Days a Year
Not reliant upon HM Treasury to certify the Act of Terrorism in order to respond

The product is suitable for landlords or business owners who require cover for damage to buildings, contents or stock caused by acts of terrorism. The cover can be added to the following products: Commercial Property Owners, Residential Property Owners, Fast Food & Restaurant, Office, Public House, Shop & Wholesale.

The product is not suitable for holiday homes or second homes. The product is also not suitable for any property or business situated in Northern Ireland.

Features and Benefits

  • Sabotage Cover
  • Loss of Utilities Cover
  • Public Relations Expenses Cover
  • Denial of Access Cover (Including Civil or Military Order)
  • Consequential Loss Cover
  • Property in Transit Cover – up to £500,000
  • Verified Threat Cover
  • Residential Emergency Costs and Expenses Cover
  • Unspecified Third Party Site Cover
  • Index Linking

Why does my client’s business need terrorism cover?

Terrorism coverage can help cover the costs of property damage, interruption of business, and liability claims following a terrorist attack. Additionally, many commercial property insurances do not include terrorism coverage, which means that without this type of policy, they may be left vulnerable to significant financial losses.

When deciding whether to purchase terrorism insurance, it’s important to consider a few key factors. The first one is your client’s business location. Commercial urban centres, bus routes, airports, train stations, schools, police stations, political premises, stadiums, and arenas are at a higher risk for terrorist attacks. For example, if your client’s premises is located near a constituency office that was targeted by a terrorist attack, this could a.) cause collateral damage to the premises in question and/or b.) there could be a valid denial of access consequential loss claim even if the premises did not suffer direct damage. So if your client’s business is located in one of these areas, they may want to seriously consider purchasing Terrorism insurance. On the other hand, if your client’s business is located in a rural or residential area that is less likely to be targeted, they may not need this type of insurance.

Another factor to consider is the type of business they have. Some businesses may be more vulnerable to terrorist attacks than others, but any business can be faced with Terrorism with events leading up to an attack, often being low profile so it’s worth considering whether your client should take the relevant cover needed.

This product cannot be purchased as a standalone policy and fees charged are attached to the main policy.

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