Significant rate reduction on our Land Liability product

Land Liability

Commercial Express are delighted to announce substantial reductions in Land Liability rates.

For rough country and private roads, the rates have been reduced by up to 59%, while for grazing land, moorland, woodland, and pasture lands, the rates have been lowered by up to 44%.

rate reductions LL

Furthermore, we have removed the 20% premium loading with regards to the public footpaths and/or rights of way situated on the land.

These significant rate reductions come at a time when there is an increasing demand for privately owned land in the UK. The growing interest in acquiring and managing land in categories such as rough country and grazing land reflects the changing landscape of land ownership in the country. In 2022 alone, there was a notable increase in privately owned land in England of 1.3% to 6.2 million hectares. (Gov.UK)

Moreover, Commercial Express is actively seeking to attract larger plots of land in excess of 30 acres, offering landowners’ liability coverage at competitive rates. With a greater emphasis on land utilisation and development, these reduced rates provide an opportunity for individuals and organisations to invest in and protect these valuable resources. Commercial Express’s efforts to align their Land Liability rates with the current demand for privately owned land demonstrate their commitment to supporting landowners and facilitating the growth of land ownership in the UK.

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