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Residential Property Owners


Offering competitive rates for students, DSS referrals and asylum seekers, take advantage of our Residential Property Owners policy.

Scheme: Let Assured

Features & Benefits

  • Landlords Contents up to £5,000 can be provided free of charge. This applies to all tenant types, except Unoccupied

    Cover for damage caused by malicious persons authorised to be in any part of the building is included, up to the limits noted below:

    DSS Non-Referrals and Students are limited to £10,000, Professionals to £20,000 and Unoccupied to £5,000. (the limits are in respect of any one claim)

    Please note: Cover is not included for the following tenancy types: Asylum Seekers and DSS Referrals

  • Accidental Damage under buildings and contents can be included free of charge, if the property is occupied by the following tenant types: Professionals, Students and DSS (Non-Referrals)

  • Property Owner’s Liability £2,000,000 LOI
  • Loss of Rent 20% building sum insured, or up to £150,000 alternative accommodation except for unoccupied properties
  • Trace and Access up to £10,000 in any one period of insurance

  • Accidental Damage to cables & underground services
  • Loss of Metered Water £2,500 any one claim, maximum £5,000 any one period of insurance
  • The buildings sum insured will benefit from index linking, in line with the House Rebuilding Cost Index, issued by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
  • Unauthorised use of utilities cover up to £5,000
  • Capital Additions - 10% of the building sum insured or £250,000 whichever is less
  • Landscaped gardens - following damage caused by emergency services £10,000
  • Removal of wasp and bee nests - £1,000 in any one period of insurance (£50 excess applies)
  • Illegal cultivation of drugs - clean-up costs and remedial work in reinstating your building back to its original condition if the tenant alters the building without your knowledge - £5,000 in any one period of insurance (not available if the building is unoccupied)
  • Replacement locks cover £2,500 in any one period of insurance 

Properties that are unoccupied now benefit from the following recent changes

  • Pro Rata subject to a min £25 + IPT TOR
  • Gold cover no longer has an inner limit for Theft or Attempted theft on Buildings cover
  • Property deemed as unoccupied after 60 days
  • If the property becomes unattended for more than 30 days between 1st December and 28th February – the oil supply must be turned off at the tank and the water supply must be turned off at the mains and the system must be drained, unless connected to a frost-stat and maintained continuously at a temperature of no less than 4 degrees Celsius.

Optional Extras

  • Option to extend Property Owner's Liability to £5,000,000 LOI
  • Differing degrees of cover available when unoccupied (See document below for further details)
  • Legal Expenses up to £25,000
  • Rent Guarantee cover up to £30,000
  • Emergency Assistance up to £500