New and Improved CAR Offering


Over the last 12 months, we have invested a considerable amount on improving our Contractors All Risk facility. Working with insurers and brokers alike to ensure the coverage is enhanced but also providing a competitive edge.

Below are the highlights of the changes…

Plant in Isolation
The Commercial Express Contractors All Risk proposition now allows for owned plant, hired in plant and employees’ tools and personal effects to be written in isolation without contract works cover.

The same business rules apply if the scheme is selected in isolation or if CAR is part of the Wages and Turnover scheme.

Premium Reduction
A reminder that the minimum premiums for over 26 trades on the CAR contract (including the Wages and Turnover CAR add-on) have experienced significant reductions. The below table outlines the changes:

It’s also worth noting that the minimum policy premium for policy periods up to 6 months changed to £150 + IPT, this was previously £250 + IPT.

System Improvement
We have removed the referral rule on several trades including Plumbers and Heating Contractors, Property Maintenance and Repair and Kerb and Paving Layers.

Policy Wording Improvements
We have introduced a new policy wording which has a number of cover enhancements. We’ve highlighted three key ‘cover’ changes below:

  • Contract works – cover for completed buildings pending sale: This is a key cover in the current climate with property sales being less attractive. Often this is a cover that is overlooked with the insured buying additional RPO/CPO policies that may not be required if a sale is imminent.
  • Contract Works – limit of liability: With inflated contract costs and delays the sum insured for a contract can increase during the contract from its original estimated cost. Taking this into account the amount that will be paid following amendment(s) to the contract works from the original contract price has increased from 115% to 125%.
  • General exclusion – cessation of works: The construction industry is struggling with sourcing materials, cashflow and payment disputes due to rising costs. If the site becomes a dormant plant (if covered), works and PL is covered now up to 90 days.
Assist trading platform update
Improved Let Shield RPO Policy Wording