Targeted Trades

In this section we spotlight trades that are contained within our suite of products which benefit from enhanced policy coverage.

Touring Caravan & Motorhome Maintenance Repair

Our Per Capita facility underwritten by Ascot can accommodate motor garages/motor mechanics specialising in the maintenance and repair of touring caravans and motorhomes.

In the main, this is looking after the habitation side of the vehicles which is lower risk, but there could be some element of mechanical work in respect of the motorhomes and also brakes and towing equipment on the caravans.

There are several features that we wish to highlight that forms part of the standard offering.

The first is around the High-Value Vehicle Exclusion we apply as standard to all motor trade activities. This is to prevent the mechanics from working on high-performance vehicles and more sport-type models etc. We reviewed this exclusion in relation to motorhomes and touring caravans and increased the vehicle value limit to £100K and also removed the inner damage limit of £50K – we felt this change was more in line with the activities and exposures for this trade. Clause wording is as follows:

High-Value Vehicle Exclusion
Underwriters shall have no liability under this Policy to provide any indemnity or benefit for any legal liability directly or indirectly resulting from or in consequence of loss or damage to vehicles with a market value in excess of £100,000.

The other improvement in the facility is in respect of the Service Indemnity Extension. At present, we limit this extension to £250,000, but for this trade, activity has increased the options of cover – £500,000 will be included as standard (if service indemnity is selected) with options of £1,000,000 and £2,000,000 on referral. Clause wording below:

Service Indemnity Condition
Subject to all other policy terms and conditions Section B of this Policy extends to include legal Liability arising from:

Maximum limit of indemnity £[As selected] any one occurrence and in the aggregate

a) the repair servicing or maintenance of any vehicle.

b) the examination of any vehicle in accordance with the Motor Vehicles Test regulations.

c) the Sale or supply of new or manufacturers’ reconditioned spare parts components units accessories or other goods for vehicles.

d) Any work carried out on new or used vehicles prior to sale or supply including pre-delivery check of new vehicles as required by the manufacturer and the fitting of additional accessories to such new or used vehicles.

Exclusions (all applicable regardless of cover date)
This section does not apply to or include legal liability arising:

  • out of loss or damage to motor vehicles held in trust by or in custody or control of the Insured their employees or any party who is carrying out work on behalf of the Insured resulting from fire explosion theft or attempted theft malicious or accidental damage.
  • out of compensation which arises solely by virtue of an express guarantee warranty condition or indemnity given or accepted by the Insured unless liability would have attached notwithstanding such guarantee warranty condition or indemnity.
  • out of the supply of tyres other than new tyres processed by a recognised manufacturer.
  • out of the fitting and/or balancing of tyres to or on vehicles.
  • out of the process of cleaning or use of chemicals used other than in accordance with the manufacturer(s) recommendations as to use.
  • out of loss or Damage occasioned by any malicious act caused by or in any way brought about by the Insured or any Employee.
  • out of Damage to or the repair or reinstatement of any vehicle sold or supplied by the Insured unless caused directly by any work carried out by the Insured on such vehicle.
  • out of Damage to or the repair or reinstatement of any spare parts components units accessories or other goods sold or supplied by the Insured or which were the subject of the repair servicing or maintenance giving rise to the liability of the Insured.
  • out of any claim in connection with the sale or supply of any goods to any purchaser carrying on the business of selling or supplying such goods.
  • out of death injury loss or Damage caused directly by the driving of any motor vehicle.
  • out of wrongful advice given by the insured for a fee or in circumstances where a fee would normally be charged.
  • in connection with the servicing or sale of goods which are intended for use in the United States of America or Canada.
  • from the failure of any product Supplied to perform its intended function.