Why is caravanning so popular?

DATE: 29/04/2019

Caravan holidays have traditionally had a reputation for being suited to only the hardiest of folk. Cold showers, limited electricity and small pokey bedrooms spring to mind. Going away in a caravan for the summer break was a lot of people’s idea of a nightmare. Fast forward to the present day however, and that reputation is long gone.


Caravanning is now all about the luxury. There is a huge array of parks situated across the UK, with facilities to rival that of many lavish hotels. Static homes are big enough to house large families, with kitchens, living rooms and even veranda areas of decking to enjoy a drink each evening. There are play zones for children, spa amenities plus restaurants, pubs and cafes that are all available for caravanners. Caravans in this day and age are like a home from home, so it’s easy to see why so many people partake in this kind of vacation.

So just why is caravanning so popular? According to the NCC, caravanning in the UK contributes more than £6 billion per annum to the UK economy. There roughly 50 million nights spent in caravans each year. People buy into the lifestyle, with relaxation, chilled out atmospheres and a stress-free time out from busy lives. A caravan holiday is the ideal escape.


Aside from the relaxing aspect of caravanning, the ease and convenience of it is a major pull for lots of holiday-makers. With parks situated all over the place, you are never too far away from one to enjoy a weekend break. You can hop in the car and travel the distance you want, rather than worry about airports and plane hassle. This is a welcome addition to the British tourism industry and is based around the idea of freedom. You do not have to stick to a hotel timetable of when they serve each meal so if you want your breakfast at 11am in your pyjamas, you can. There is also the element of variety, with different sites ideal for different things.

Not just for older generations, caravan holidays are increasingly popular with all age-groups. Younger people are appreciating the flexibility of these breaks and enjoying the impressive facilities that many parks offer. With so much available, there is something for everyone. You can also bring your dog to a lot of the caravan sites, which is a huge bonus for families.


Staying in a hotel room with young children can be tough. You want your children to feel comfortable with their things around them, plus access to toilets, fridges for snacks, somewhere to eat where they won’t make too much mess, a place to nap and storage space. Caravans have all these concepts, plus it is a place where parents can chill out once the kids have gone to bed and not be far away at all.

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