What does customer service look like to you, our brokers?

DATE: 05/07/2019

We are all different. What you consider to be good customer service will depend on your values and beliefs, your business model, your experience of other service industries and of course, your other providers.

As part of the Senior Management Team, my role is to identify measures of good service and ensure we have the structure and capability in place to deliver and stand apart from other MGA’s. I believe that great customer service starts at the beginning, with ease of communication between two parties.

In the last 12 months, I believe we have come a long way in identifying and delivering what we see as your priorities on the service front. We are able to identify trends and resource accordingly by utilising the data from our telephony system. We are available to speak to when you need us.

As an online platform our main communication channel will be through Assist. Many of you utilise the referral button and my team know what time you have sent a referral and understand how important it is to you to get a response with a resolution promptly. I understand there are occasions where this will take a little longer due to complexity but our aim is to get the majority back to you within an hour. Part of ensuring delivery of this is down to having the right resource with the right levels of experience and I am working with the teams to upskill and empower. This will enable more underwriter availability to answer your online referrals quickly.

However, I can’t rest on my laurels and this is where I need your feedback and suggestions, regardless of how this is submitted i.e. speaking to our underwriters, your Account Manager, email etc.

During May and June, Duncan and I were ‘on the road’ visiting brokers to get thoughts on our service and a view of our varied customer base, and business models. We wanted suggestions for improvement on all aspects of dealing with CE. So far, we have received some positive, and some challenging, feedback. Most importantly, we are getting to grips with how the market is changing and how we need to think about adapting our model for the future.

These are exciting times and to achieve our mission of being the number one MGA of choice, I invite you to help us revolutionise our offering to you.


By Kellie Stephens
Underwriting Service Manager