The rising trend in catering trailers

DATE: 27/03/2019

Why use a catering trailer?

Outdoor catering trailers and street food vendors are becoming hot property. Situated in most city centres, at festivals and markets, this type of business has become a popular answer to earning a living. And customers love it. It’s casual, it’s on the go and you probably don’t need a knife and fork.

So, what happens if you want to start up one of these businesses? A mobile catering trailer is an extremely versatile option when it comes to the food industry. The start-up costs are fairly low in comparison with other catering business options, and the beauty of the trailer is that you never have to stay in one place. If business isn’t great, you can therefore move on to a better location.

There are plenty of opportunities available for a catering trailer business, with one being to develop your brand at outdoor events, shows and festivals. Customers relish in the idea of street food, as they can still hold a drink in the other hand and eating will not take up too much time as it’s very much on the go. There is a lot of money to be made at events like this, with most income being made during the festival season.

Mobile and versatile

The plus point of your business being mobile means that you’re not tied down to a costly retail outlet. You can enjoy the flexibility of being able to take your produce to where the customers are. If the festival route doesn’t work, you have the option of moving to a market or licensed site. This could be a prime city centre spot, catching the heavy footfall especially around lunch time. Office workers are a key target, nipping out to grab something quick to eat that isn’t too far from their workplace. The same could be suggested for industrial estates for labourers.

It is crucial to be aware of any potential hazards and mishaps, however. Cooking in a small space is not without its fire and burn dangers, and there are plenty of things to trip over. Therefore, having the right catering trailer insurance with liability is important as it will protect yourself, your employees and the public from harm. There is also risk of the catering trailer being damaged or stolen, so this should be considered when choosing your insurance cover.

Products and policy

At Commercial Express, we offer catering trailer policy products to brokers across the UK. Benefits include an unlimited number of employees covered under the Employers Liability Section and insuring multiple catering trailers under the same policy. Defence costs for any offence under Part II of the Food Safety Act 1990 are also covered under liability sections.

Features of this cover comprise of all risks cover and new for old Cover for catering trailers aged up to three years old. The protection extends to when the catering trailer is kept overnight at an event or show and is available for airstreams, teardrops and retro rockets converted into catering units. 

Optional extras of this policy include public, products and employers liability up to £10,000,000, stock in trade cover and non-fixed contents cover. there is also £0.00 excess available for catering trailers only.