The Marketing Team Welcome in a Wonderful Summer of Football

DATE: 08/06/2018

With World Cup fever about to hit and the ever eternal optimism that ‘we could win it this time’ about to be instilled in every supporter, we’re hoping you have now received your Commercial Express World Cup Wallcharts.
The Marketing Team at Commercial Express have created this wallchart so you can have a little fun with your colleagues, you can hold a sweepstake in your office to add a little bit of competitive spice to proceedings this summer. Who will be crowned ‘King/Queen of the Office’?
Along with the flags of St George, we hope our wallchart takes pride of place in your office and we hope that whoever pulls out England is a very lucky charm!
Good luck!
If you haven’t received your World Cup Wallchart yet, you can request one from our remaining limited stock by emailing us your name and office address at