Staff volunteer at local food bank

DATE: 04/02/2020

As part of the commitment to corporate social responsibility, Commercial Express has given all staff the opportunity to take one days paid leave to donate their time to support a charity of their choice. Everyone has been encouraged to choose a good cause that they are passionate about.

Five generous members of staff gave up their time to volunteer at a local food bank.

Erin Nicholls, Kylie Corfield, Brook Poxon, Matt Cheadle and Charlie Kemp helped out for the day at the Brierley Hill Foodbank last week.

Volunteer duties included delivering and distribution of food, checking and weighing items, organisation and sorting out donations.




Erin Nicholls, technical underwriter, said: “I really enjoyed my time at the food bank.

“The level of organisation that is required is unbelievable. Each item is checked for date and weighed so they can work out the food and toiletries allowance to cover three meals for three days for all the distribution centres within the Black Country.



“Charlie and I went out on deliveries to the distribution centres- you can see the real difference it’s making to people’s lives in crisis. It was really moving to see how much the public donate and the regular volunteers that keep the foodbank churning.

“I’ve personally set up a regular food donation as such it’s a great, local cause.”




Kylie Corfield, administrator, said: “I really enjoyed my day at the Black Country Food Bank. I was amazed at the amount of work that goes into the running of the warehouse. The people who volunteer there are all lovely and welcoming and I would love to return again to help this cause.”



Brook, Matt and Charlie also praised the efforts of the volunteers and organisation.

Brook Poxon, underwriter, said: “The volunteers are amazing, and the food bank is such a friendly organisation. I would recommend everyone to visit and support it in any way they can.”



Matt Cheadle, underwriter, said: “Volunteering at the Black Country Food Bank was a humbling experience that everyone needs to try. Personally, I never realised how much effort and dedication goes into the operation of food banks until I spent the day there.”

Charlie Kemp, administrator, said: “Attending the Foodbank on Tuesday has really opened my eyes to the world in which we live in. There are many problems that occur that we are unaware of.

“It is important that people are more educated on the difficult situations that many people face.”