Simon Rowley talks ‘family culture’ and a ‘happy working environment’ at Commercial Express

DATE: 24/06/2019

As part of the Commercial Express 20th birthday celebrations, we spoke to some of the company’s long-serving, key employees for a series of features.

Simon Rowley is a big advocate of customer service. It’s something he believes has helped Commercial Express progress to where it is today as an established business within the insurance industry. Having been part of the company for nine years and witnessed much growth, he is keen to see what the future offers.  

“I’ve had many different roles over the last nine years,” said Simon.

“I initially started on the direct arm of CE, called IPG, where I was selling catering and event related products directly to retail customers.

“I then moved into the wholesale side to trade directly with brokers as a catering underwriter. Following a successful period on catering, I was promoted to senior catering underwriter and during this period I helped people gain licenses.

“This led me into the role of underwriting supervisor. I then moved into a team leader position.”

Simon has progressed a lot in his career, completing his CII qualification along the way. He has seen the company grow from nine staff to more than 50 and wants to continue being part of the journey.

Simon, who enjoys spending time with his family and playing golf, said: “There have been so many changes with different underwriters, managers, systems and offices.

“The single biggest change for me is the focus on customer service. Three years ago, Commercial Express was an purely online based system with minimal broker interaction.

“This has changed totally as we actively encourage brokers to ring in and our underwriters to ring out. Together this has created greater communication and stronger relationships.

“The best part of my role is the interaction with my teams and achieving our goals. I enjoy seeing people develop and better themselves.

“My daily goal is to create a happy working environment- a happy team is a productive team.

“Commercial Express is a fantastic company to work for and I can’t wait to see what the next 20 years brings. I see Commercial Express having multiple sites including overseas.

“We have a family culture- nothing is ever too much for anybody."

This year, Commercial Express celebrates its 20th birthday. Having gone from strength to strength during the last two decades, the company is as much about its people as it is about its products.

Thankyou to all the hard-working Commercial Express staff who have made the business what it is today.