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Reduced rates with Shop

DATE: 02/03/2020

In order to drive greater conversion and increase our proposition, we have reduced rates across certain postcodes and trades on our Shop scheme.

In order to improve competitiveness, we have reduced the minimum premium to £300 for more than 50% of postcodes.

Premium savings can  be seen across the majority of trades, dependent on area.  The following trade types in particular will see a reduction of up to 28%:

Bakers (on premises)

Bathrooms/ Kitchen Retailers

Bedding Retailers

Butchers and Poulterers

Computer Shops

Computer Game Retailers

Cycling Shops

Electrical Goods Retailers – White Goods

Footwear Retailers

Sports Equipment Retailers

As part of our review, certain trades in postcode specific areas will benefit from lighter security terms. All other USPs for our Shop scheme remain unchanged.