Final Figure Revealed for Birmingham Children’s Hospital

DATE: 18/04/2018

In 2016 the staff at Commercial Express chose to support Birmingham Children’s Hospital by way of corporate donations and a variety of fundraising initiatives.

We are delighted to have been involved over the past two years. In that time, we have been able to raise a lot of money for a truly deserving and much-loved local charity helping fundraise for two of their largest appeals.

The STAR Appeal, which we supported for the first 18 months, aimed to create the UK’s first centre for the care and treatment of children with rare diseases. In September 2017 they reached their target of £3.65 million and the centre is due to open in early 2018. For the remainder of the year we helped support the Critical Journey’s Appeal, which aimed to raise £2 million to equip a fleet of four critical care ambulances with the latest life-saving equipment. Our staff have been superb in the efforts they have made to help raise as much money as possible for which we thank them dearly.

We have had confirmation from Birmingham Children’s Hospital that our fundraising efforts helped to raise a magnificent £6,195.13 for them in 2017 with all monies paid to their Critical Journey’s Appeal fund.

This service is vitally important and ensures that fragile babies and children needing emergency treatment and intensive care are safely transported in their 24/7 dedicated ambulance service. This service either brings poorly babies and children from afar to BCH for specialised treatment or transfers them closer to home when they no longer need their expert care.

If you kindly donated to any of our fundraising efforts, thank you, the money means so much to the children and families at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.