A Day in the Life of an Insurance Apprentice at Commercial Express

DATE: 03/05/2018

Following National Apprenticeship Week which ran from 5th – 9th March, we were inspired by the various stories we saw to showcase our very own Apprenticeship Programme here at Commercial Express. During National Apprenticeship Week, employers and apprentices from across England come together to celebrate the success of their apprenticeships, whilst encouraging even more young people to choose apprenticeships as a pathway to a great career.

As a Gold Level accredited Investor in People we take great pride in supporting our staff at all levels as they flourish. Allow us to share with you all A Day in the Life of an Insurance Apprentice at Commercial Express and watch as we introduce you to Giuseppe Cosenza – our very first insurance apprentice.



As you can see, making the video was a great team effort, offering us a real insight into life as an apprentice and needless to say, much fun was had along the way. 

Giuseppe joined our wholesale team in January this year, already progressing and developing, Giuseppe has passed his foundation exam and has quickly become a real asset to the organisation and a highly valued member of staff.

Apprenticeships are a collaborative learning process and as a company we believe that we should always take the time to review how our apprenticeship experience is, while looking at their development for the future, to ensure they are in the right role for them.   

Giuseppe, in his apprenticeship programme, now has an even greater focus on progression and once he has completed his apprenticeship with us there will be further career progression for him.

We will continue as an organisation to put our people at the heart of what we do. An apprenticeship programme is a fundamental area for development within our organisation.

Please enjoy the video – you can find out more about Giuseppe and the rest of our team by visiting our Meet the Team page.