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Land Liability: New £10m limit introduced and premium savings announced

DATE: 15/07/2019

Dear CE Broker, 


We are delighted to announce that we have improved one of our most popular schemes, Land Liability. With immediate effect, we have introduced the following: 


  • New £10,000,000 Property Owners Liability option. 


  • Six new Land Size options:


  1. Up to 15 Acres
  2. Up to 25 Acres
  3. Up to 30 Acres
  4. Up to 35 Acres
  5. Up to 40 Acres
  6. Over 45 Acres


Following feedback from brokers, it was suggested we introduce a number of new acreage categories that would make the scheme even more competitive.


We can also now accommodate risks up to 100 acres. We have updated our hugely popular rating cards with the latest changes. Simply click the below to download.


Land Liability GB


Land Liability NI