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Commercial Express waives additional premiums to support policy holders during coronavirus outbreak

DATE: 26/03/2020

Commercial Express has teamed up with insurers to offer existing policy holders much-needed support.

The Government have confirmed that planning rules will be relaxed. This is so pubs and restaurants can operate as takeaways during the coronavirus outbreak.

Following this announcement, we have agreed to waive any additional premiums for existing policy holders. This is for anyone who wants to take advantage of this government led incentive.

Previously, planning permission was required for businesses to carry out a change of use to a takeaway. The government has now authorised the relaxation of regulations. This is to enable businesses to deliver this service without a planning application.

As an independently run MGA, Commercial Express understands how important it is to help the economy and community. We realise the position that people are in due to the COVID-19 crisis and are committed to helping where we can.

Tom Bolstridge, head of underwriting at Commercial Express, said: “In these uncertain times, it is encouraging to see the measures being put in place by the Government to try and alleviate, as best they can, the additional stress in people’s lives.

“This change not only benefits the restaurants and food outlets, but the thousands of people who will require support as we are encouraged to stay at home as much as possible.

“At Commercial Express, we try and add value where we can above the standard. Even if it is in a small way, the waiving of the additional premiums, in relation to this change of trade activity, will hopefully further support our existing policyholders to consider this change in their business.

“Here at CE, we are very much open for business. We will look to answer any queries you may have on this particular subject, or on any of our products, as quickly and accurately as possible.”

Existing Commercial Express policy holders who change their trade from restaurant to takeaway will not be asked to pay any increase in premium. This is for increases that would usually apply.

This comes into force with immediate effect until 30 May 2020, with possible extension.

If you need any further assistance, please call us on 01384 473021.