Brand-new Residential Property Owners scheme, Let Assured, announced

DATE: 17/02/2020

Commercial Express is delighted to introduce a brand-new Residential Property Owners scheme, Let Assured.

Part of the CE product suite, the new offering is underwritten by Axis and is  priced to attract residential properties tenanted by students, DSS referrals and asylum seekers.

Let Assured stands out from the crowd and offers:

- Customised, competitive rates for students, DSS referrals and asylum seekers.

- Asylum seekers receive up to a 33% lower rate  than our current offering.

-  DSS Referrals and Students benefit from a rate reduction of up to 8%.


The new scheme features many benefits, including:

- Increased Trace & Access cover (up to £10,000) and Landscaped Gardens (up to £10,000), in addition to Replacement of Locks cover (£2,500 limit).


Let Assured also includes the same features as our existing schemes. These are:

- Free £5,000 Landlords Contents when tenanted by professionals, students or DSS (Non-Referral). All white and brown goods included if supplied by the landlord.

- Accidental Damage to buildings is automatically included for professionals, students and DSS (Non-referrals)

- Property Owner’s Liability £2,000,000 LOI

- Loss of Rent 20% of the buildings sum insured, or up to £150,000 alternative accommodation except for unoccupied properties.