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Training Academy


Free training delivered to your office

Our Training Academy is a unique and market leading offering, designed to develop and teach both new and experienced insurance professionals, while giving agents a helping hand to grow their own business. We are the only MGA to offer such a facility.

The courses are free and are product and system courses, designed for the agent to have a greater understanding of Commercial Express products, underwriting rules and processes.

The Training Academy courses typically last around 90 minutes and are designed to be fun, memorable and financially rewarding. The Training Academy will come to your offices, at your convenience, or they can be held at the Commercial Express offices. We are also putting together a series of helpful tuition videos, which can be found below.


To request a Training Academy visit to your office, head over to our booking page to request further information or book your training.


Meet Siân

Sian Hickman


Siân Hickman is our Training Co-ordinator who has more than a decade of experience in underwriting and insurance. She’s passionate, enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable. Many of you have spoken to Siân in her role of Underwriting Team Leader before crossing over into her training role. She possesses a fantastic wealth and depth of knowledge relating to all things Commercial Express, and she’s loves hitting the road to meet agents face to face and share her knowledge.

If you have any questions regarding the Training Academy please email Sian.

People sat at office table Sian Hickman Training session

Courses on Offer:

Course 1

Property Owners

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  • Commercial Property Owners
  • Industrial and Unoccupied Property Owners
  • Short Term Unoccupied
  • Landlord’s Contents

Course 2


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  • Liability Wages and Turnover
  • CAR
  • Land Liability
  • Contract Cleaners

Course 3

SME & Commercial Combined

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  • Public House
  • Guest House & Hotel
  • Shop
  • Dry Cleaners and Launderettes

Course 4

Catering & Event

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  • Catering Trailer & Static Unit
  • Catering Van
  • Single Event
  • Multi Event

Course 5

Property Owners & Liability

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  • Commercial Property Owners
  • Industrial & Unoccupied Property Owners
  • Liability (Per capita)
  • Liability (Wages & Turnover)

Course 6

Caravan & Trailer

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  • Static Caravan
  • Trailer